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Welcome to AUGUST 


Psalm 5:12, Psalm 102:13 

Favour means to be preferred; to receive a generous preferential  treatment; having an advantage over others, benefitting from an act of  kindness beyond what is due to you; endorsement; help rendered to you  without reference to what you have done. 

The favour of God makes a man stand out among his contemporaries.  For instance Esther was selected among several other beautiful ladies  that were qualified to be queen - Esther 2:15-17. Naturally speaking,  David was the most unqualified person for anointing in his family, but  God rejected others in order to select him. 1 Samuel 16:11-13. 

It was favour that made Jabez receive answers to all his prayers - 1Chronicles: 4:9-10 and brought help to the man by the pool of Bethesda  John 5:1-15. Even when a man is due for destruction, favour makes him  to be called by God to do great works - Acts 9:1-6. 

Divine favour brings about great results where human effort has failed - Luke 5:1-6. It is sometimes difficult to reconcile your little effort and  the bountiful result that God provides by divine favour. I speak to you  by the word of God, that your result will far exceed your effort in Jesus  Christ’ name. 

When a man is always receiving kindness from others as a result of  God’s hand on his life, it is divine favour. Throughout the turbulent  times in the life of Joseph, there was always someone to help him and  his relevance did not diminish. 

I pray that the favour of God will be evident in your life. When others  are long gone, you will still be standing. I declare over your life that by  the favour of God, nobody will be able to shake you or remove you from  where God has placed you in Jesus name. 

…… Pastor Adeoti

Welcome to August ,
Our Month of Divine Favour
Psalm 5:12, Psalm 102:13 

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