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The first step to embracing the new thing God wants to do in your life  is to change your focus. Quit looking behind and start looking ahead - Isaiah 43:18.  

The children of Israel had many victories in their past: they left Egypt;  they conquered the land of Canaan; they fought prospective conquerors;  they survived the division of their country. However, a time came when  they were taken into captivity. They became home sick for the land and  the blessing that God had promised them. By that time, they were in need of a new victory.  

To embrace the new thing that God wants to do in your life, the question  is not about what God has done, it must be about what God is doing in  your life right now and what you want Him to do. 

Secondly, you cannot allow your past failures to overwhelm you. The  children of Israel failed God miserably. Every time He blessed them  they responded with evil: God gave them the Temple - they engaged in  idol worship; God gave them truth - they lived and proclaimed a lie;  God gave them His commands - they lived as though the commands  were suggestions; God gave them wealth - they oppressed the poor; God  gave them Himself - they rejected him. 

The children of Israel no longer deserved to receive anything good from  God. Yet He still loved them and earnestly wanted to help them change.  He did not condemn them for their past. Instead, He held out the hand  of hope.  

In essence, God is saying to you, “Forget about your past…I am giving  you an opportunity to start over. My prayer is that God will indeed do a  new thing in your life in Jesus Christ’s name. 

 …Pastor Adeoti

Welcome to October  ,
Our Month of NEW THING Isaiah 43:18-19, Isaiah 42:9

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