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Welcome to JUNE,
Our Month of DIVINE MERCY Romans 9:15 

Divine mercy is an act of kindness, compassion, favour and leniency  that we do not deserve but given to us by God. Throughout the Bible,  everyone who requested for mercy received it. Miracles, signs and  wonders are products of God’s mercy. Mercy is the gateway to favour,  prosperity, blessings and breakthroughs - Genesis 39:20-23. Mercy  defends against satanic attacks and accusations, and it delivers from  destruction - Psalm 57:3. We can do nothing and we can only become  nothing without the mercy of God. Lamentations 3:22 says it is of the  Lord mercy that we are not consumed.  

We can learn two major things from the story of blind Bartimaeus in  Mark 10:46-52. Firstly, he cried for mercy. Therefore, it is very  important that you must also ask for mercy by yourself. No one can do  the asking for you. Secondly, he cast away his garment. Therefore, you  must do away with any garment such as self-righteousness, pride, ego  or anything that can hinder your prayers - Luke 18:10-14.  

Take heed that you do not abuse the mercy of God. Taking the mercy of  God for granted is like sucking poison out of a sweet flower. Taking  God’s mercy as a sign of weakness and a license to sin forever is the  devil’s logic and it is like drinking deadly poison. Mercy abused, always  turns to fury.  

If you are yet to accept Jesus Christ into your life, you can do it now  that His mercy is still available to you. All you need to do is confess  your sins and promise Him never to go back to it again and He will  forgive you - 1John 1:9. May the Lord have mercy on you as you take  that bold step of faith.  

I pray for you the reader of this note, that Almighty God will make you  a candidate of mercy in Jesus Christ’s mighty name. 

…… Pastor Adeoti

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